Ovid: Hand and Wrist

Authors: Doyle, James R.
Title: Hand and Wrist, 1st Edition
> Table of Contents > Section II – Outpatient Clinic > 7 – Entrapment Neuropathies > Introduction

Common entrapment neuropathies or nerve compression
syndromes of the sensory and motor nerves in the arm, elbow, forearm,
and wrist will be presented in this chapter. Compression syndromes that
occur in the arm, elbow, and forearm are included because their major
manifestations are often in the hand.
The term compression neuropathy
is an appropriate description of abnormal pressure on a nerve from an
adjacent anatomic structure. The underlying pathophysiology, however,
is not understood as well, but may be related to mechanical factors and
abnormal fluid homeostasis associated with conditions such as diabetes,
chronic renal failure, hypothyroidism, or pregnancy. The role of
mechanical factors is easily appreciated in those diseases or tumors
that result in a space-occupying lesion. Rheumatoid arthritis that
produces inflammation, and proliferation of the synovium and ganglion
cyst, may be extrinsic mechanical factors that result in nerve
The pertinent anatomy will be presented with each
clinical entity. Important features in the history, pertinent physical
findings, and treatment options will be given for each condition.

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